About me

I am a trained psychologist and have been working with clients with different problematics since 2007. Helping people is one of the values which has driven me all my life. Apart from being psychologist  I have been highly involved in work with such issues as human trafficking and gender based violence.

You can contact me with a request of psychological counselling in CBT and existential approach; lectures and treatment of PTSD and trauma; counselling of companies and individuals and supervision on human trafficking issue; counselling of businesses on slavery-free production and sustainable consumption; creating of social businesses, social entrepreneurship and social impact.

I work in Swedish, English and Russian languages in different areas of expertise which I gained over the years.

I became involved in outreach work on the streets of St.Petersburg in 2002, when I was stadying at University.  

When I got my degree from St.Petersburg State University I started my practice as psychologist. Over the years I got education in Existential Psychotherapy and in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I’m trained psychologist and work with different types of issues but main focus of my work is PTSD and trauma. I do counselling  with my clients in three languages (English, Swedish and Russian).   

I worked, among other things, in the UN agency IOM, the International Organization for Migration. In the framework of the project we built the first Rehabilitation Center for human trafficking victims in Russia. We cooperated with the Russian government with the development of legislation for human trafficking. Together with my colleagues, I developed a rehabilitation program that included a variety of work methods with experience of trauma, depression, stress, PTSD and health problems caused by traumatic experiences. To this day, this program was and is a tool for specialists who work with people who have been trafficked. 500 victims of trafficking got medical, psychological and social assistance in the Rehabilitation Centre.

In 2009 I created and developed an art-therapy program for youth from at-risk groups which name is JewelGirls. JewelGirls participants  come together to create jewelry, speak about their troubles and support each other every week since 2009. When the beautiful peaces which they make is sold, they get 50% of the income while other 50% goes to support other participants and to organise new workshops. 

JewelGirls program grew over time to the organisation. I founded the SafeHouse Foundation in Moscow to support victims of violence and human trafficking and raise awareness on the issues. The Foundation implements seven projects all over Russia. To the day SafeHouse Foundation is helping more than 500 human trafficking survivors and people at-risk annually.

During 2009-2015 I cooperated closely with NGO’s and Law Enforcement in the USA on human trafficking issue. I had been doing projects’ development, fundraising, charitable events, workshops, trainings, lectures and participated in the meetings with different local and international agencies.

My work with SafeHouse Foundation was supported by Reach for Change.  I was awarded the C10 Award in 2014 for my work with trafficking of children. C10 Award  was created by the Reach For Change, Childhood Foundation and Sophie Stenberg Foundation and was given with the participation of H.M. Queen of Sweden Silvia.

In 2019 I founded National Centre Against Human Exploitation and Violence (NCEV) which was founded in Sweden with the same idea to counteract violence and human trafficking in all forms. Women who are survivors of trafficking and violence get trauma- treatment and counselling which is adjusted for their needs at NCEV.

Apart from NCEV I’ve engaged in a different years as a Director of the Board and a Member of the Board in non-profit organisations RealStars and Fatta respectively. I also a Member of Advisory Board of a knowledge centre for sustainability which is a result of collaboration between CSR Sweden and Gällivare Näringsliv. 

Since 2017 I have my firm in Stockholm and work as a consultant with individuals and organisations.