Listen to Elena Timofeeva on Innovate podcast who is speaking about her experience with SafeHouse Foundation as a social enterprise and speaks about human trafficking as a global issue. 


In our experience at NCEV, exploitation continues also offline in massage salons where women are offered to sex buyers through intermediaries, such as hairdressers. As a result of the lockdown, the victims of trafficking remain unidentified and do not have access to the assistance they need.

JewelGirls is an art-therapy program for human trafficking survivors and at-risk groups and is run by SafeHouse Foundation. JewelGirls was  developed by Elena Timofeeva in 2009. JewelGirls is a social enterprise. 

Preview of the Jewel Girls case study by the Social Entrepreneurship Working Group. 1 of 4 organizations profiled in the “Innovative Social Ventures” film. 

On Monday 3 November, The Queen took part in the Child 10 Award Forum at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. During the forum, the newly inaugurated Child 10 Award was presented to people who have made outstanding efforts to combat human trafficking.

“Turning our tears into power” is a book which was written about C10 awardees 2014 and their social enterprises. Elena Timofeeva with JewelGirls program was one of them in 2014. Read the story.


Despite stereotypes, even well-educated, world-savvy people can become victims of sex trafficking, Timofeeva said.-“Ninety-nine percent of people we work with say, ‘I never expected it to happen to me,'” she said.- “Many school graduates have high salary expectations, and that makes them easy victims.” 

Swedish Expressen about C10 Award 2014 and interview with Sophy Stenbeck.