Trafficking in persons is one of the largest criminal activities in the world, such as drug and arms trafficking. According to the Palermo Protocol (UN, 2000), trafficking in human persons involves the recruitment, transportation, transfer, housing or reception of adults by the use of threats, violence or other forms of coercion, kidnapping, fraud, fraud or by abusing a position of power / vulnerability or by to provide payment or other benefits, in order to gain control over another person for exploitation purposes. Whether someone gives their consent to this is irrelevant if these criteria are met. All forms of recruitment, transport, transfer, housing or reception of children (defined as someone under 18) for the purpose of exploitation are counted as trafficking, regardless of how it is done or if coercion is involved. I would say that the consent of an adult to human trafficking does not count either because a person cannot consent to torture and exploitation out of free will.

People who fall victim to human trafficking are treated as goods that are sold and bought and used for the purpose of making money. People are more profitable for criminal structures than weapons or drugs because they can be sold many times over. They can be used sexually or as labor, forced to commit thefts or other criminal activities, beg or be used for organ and cells trafficking.

Victims of human trafficking are exposed to various types of physical violence and psychological oppression, such as threats, beatings, abuse, rape, torture and humiliation.

Trafficking in persons exists due to the demand, for example, for sexual services or cheap / free labor. Criminal structures exploit people’s vulnerability and financial problems when they suggest a potential victim to sell their body (i.e. consent) for money or offer them a dream job. There are people who are always ready to buy without regard and that is the basis of the problem.

trainings, workshops, lectures


If you are an individual or an organisation you can book a training, workshop or lecture on the following topics and more:

  • Human trafficking, definition, types of exploitation, risk-groups, prevention
  • Human trafficking and gender inequality
  • Human trafficking and COVID19
  • Psychological, medical and social consequences of human trafficking
  • Ethical aspects of work with victims of human trafficking and violence
  • Victims and survivors of human trafficking
  • Burnout prevention among specialists working with human trafficking victims
  • Investigation of human trafficking cases, interview with victims (trainings for Law Enforcement) 
  • Different types of sexual exploitation (prostitution, pornography, webcam, etc.)
  • Consent and human trafficking,
  • Human trafficking, Migration and smuggling
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals and human trafficking
  • more topics and angles

Trainings, lectures and workshops can be given in Swedish, English or Russian languages. 

If you are an individual or a business you can book a consultation with me to make your business better:

  • Consultation on social sustainability
  • Consultation on sustainable production and consumption
  • Development of slavery-free business
  • Ethical production and using of resources
  • Projects’ development 
  • and more

All consultations can be made in English, Swedish or Russian languages.


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story development

Are you an activist, organisation or authority and you came across a case which looks like human trafficking? Book your supervision session. We will look at the case together, will go through the documents and interview if necessary. After the session you will have much clear picture and a plan of action. 


Are you planning to make a movie or write a story about human trafficking? I can help you to make it more accurate and to use valid references which means that you will get a quality product in the end. 

I’ve  already helped several productions in Sweden, Russia and Thailand to make their products better.